How Addiction Can Affect Brain Connections

As much of the country grapples with problems resulting from opioid addiction, some Massachusetts scientists say they’re getting a better understanding of the profound role the brain plays...

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Why We're Attracted To People Who Are Wrong For Us

I'm asked this question all the time: "Why am I attracted to people who are wrong for me?" And the answer is quite simple,...

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10 Little Habits that Steal Your Happiness

Written by: Angel Chernoff, MarcAndAngelHackLife |  You ultimately become what you repeatedly do.  If your habits aren’t helping you, they’re hurting you.  Here are a few examples...
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10 Commandments for a Smart and Simple Life

My husband Thom and I have been on the path of simplifying our lives for several years. Every now and then we like to sit down...

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Kindergarteners Talk About Mindfulness in "Just Breathe" Short Film

In the four-minute film, kindergarteners talk about coping with emotions and using meditation and breathing techniques.

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Why Hiding Who We Are Hurts Us

In my first meeting with Nora and Jeff, Nora told me (actually, she was yelling and crying): “He’s so passive, he’s driving me crazy. Jeff never lets...

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10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be

1. You ascribe intent. Another driver cut you off. Your friend never texted you back. Your co-worker went to lunch without you....
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Self-Criticism: How Anxiety Affects Your Thoughts

“I can”t believe I didn”t get that done today. I should have done it.”

“Why the heck did I say that to her? I”m so stupid.”

“I must do better!”

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Mindfulness: Finding Peace in the Midst of a Storm

What do you do when you’re feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed out? How do you treat yourself? Are you able to be compassionate toward your...

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5 Things Happy People Do Before Getting Out Of Bed Every Morning

By: Paul Lenda, Wisdom Pills

You just woke up and are ready to get out of your bed and start your day. But...

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