Westside DBT is an adherent Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) outpatient clinic. We see individuals on an outpatient basis for weekly individual sessions and group sessions..

Westside DBT therapists are intensively trained in providing adherent DBT for clients. We also provide adherent Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well. During or after your initial evaluation, both of these modalities are discussed and your treatment plan is decided collaboratively.

This depends on your own individual treatment plan, that you and your therapist will work on together in collaboration with the DBT team at Westside. We have a group that is a DBT skills group and it is open to the community. In order to be in this group, one does not necessarily have to be seeing an individual therapist within the clinic to participate in that group. Please call for more information.

During the first stage of treatment in DBT, known as Pre-Treatment, you may continue to see your current therapist. However, we ask that you discontinue undergoing any outside psychotherapy treatment with a talk therapist while in the full program (weekly individual and weekly group). You can and we encourage you to continue seeing your psychiatrist if you are on medication as well as a nutritionist if you are seeing one.

We see adolescents and adults (ages 13+). Although our groups are heterogeneous, we do not put adolescents in groups with adults. They are separate programs. We do not exceed 8 people in a group and two therapists run each group.

We are able to assist with insurance. Westside DBT is considered out-of-network and we do not take insurance directly. However, we provide individuals with an invoice that contains all of the information your insurance company will need to file your claim for reimbursement.

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