10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be

1. You ascribe intent. Another driver cut you off. Your friend never texted you back. Your co-worker went to lunch without you....
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Self-Criticism: How Anxiety Affects Your Thoughts

“I can”t believe I didn”t get that done today. I should have done it.”

“Why the heck did I say that to her? I”m so stupid.”

“I must do better!”

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Mindfulness: Finding Peace in the Midst of a Storm

What do you do when you’re feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed out? How do you treat yourself? Are you able to be compassionate toward your...

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5 Things Happy People Do Before Getting Out Of Bed Every Morning

By: Paul Lenda, Wisdom Pills

You just woke up and are ready to get out of your bed and start your day. But...

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Feeling Intense Emotions like Depression Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You’re Crazy, It Means You’re Human.

When we utilize critical thinking and question whether what society tells us is true or not, we are called...

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: An Interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn

It was during a meditation retreat thirty-five years ago that Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Full Catastrophe Living, Wherever You Go, There You Are, and other...

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Anxiety in Kids: How to Turn it Around and Protect Them For Life

Anxiety is a normal response to something dangerous or stressful. It becomes a problem when it shows up at unexpected times...

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15 Secrets for a Good Night’s Sleep

My best talent is my ability to sleep. Most nights I lie down, read a few pages in my book, and fall asleep before I know it. I...

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8 Psychological Tips for Being More Confident

Confidence is something we all struggle with from time to time. We want to feel sure of ourselves, but those little whispers of self-doubt show up whenever we want...

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Mindfulness for Meltdowns: Give Your Kid a ‘Time-In’ Instead

There is nothing more heartrending than watching your child mid-meltdown. It doesn’t matter if the cause is big or little, triggered by anger or disappointment—the pain your...

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