5 Encouraging Things About Us We Tend to Forget

We are forgetful creatures. In a past article I had expressed my opinion on how this trait is the biggest malaise of humanity for different reasons I will not explore here. Suffice to say that all of our biggest mistakes, whether on a personal or collective level, are born out of forgetting our life lessons rather than out of sheer error of judgment. But our forgetfulness is not limited to our past, recent or distant. We tend to forget shoe we truly are – right here, right now. We forget our real power, our abilities and the extent of our freedom. In other words, we forget the positive, wonderful and beautiful as much as we forget our faults.

I believe that one of the secrets of life is remembrance and rejoicing who we truly are – to celebrate our humanity as much as our divinity if this strikes and chord with you. In moments of doubt or despair we have to really bring some of those remembrances to our consciousness as a way to heal and jolt out of the moment. It is equally important that in moments of quiet, when things are rolling OK, to assert them.  Here is my list of some of these encouraging things that we tend to forget but that we ought to remind ourselves time after time.

The Power to Heal and Recover:

When our physical, emotional and mental states go out of balance, we experience an array of problems such as stress, anxiety, physical ailments, depression and lack of motivation among other symptoms. All these states are in confluence with each other. The emotional manifests itself in the physical and mental and so does the physical on the mental and emotional, etc. But no matter what, we have the power to restore the balance again – always. We have the power to be healed and more importantly to heal ourselves. Once we fully appreciate how everything is interlinked we can ‘hack’ the physical through the emotional and mental states (ex. meditation, relaxation techniques, visualisation, etc) or ‘hack’ our mental and emotional imbalance through physical means (ex. exercise, nutrition and supplements)

The Power to Choose our Environment:

We are at one with our environment in the sense that we are interdependent with it. We are never fully independent because what happens in our environment affects us and vice versa. Our environment could be our physical environment such as homes, offices, living spaces, etc but also social environments such as family, peers, groups and individuals we are connected with. The health of our environment is reflected back in our own health whether physical, emotional, energetic or psychological.

If we allow ourselves to be within a ’toxic’ environment, we will also be intoxicated whether we are aware of it or not. On a physical level, a toxic environment could be for example a cramped working space with poor ventilation, uncomfortably furniture and perhaps among objects that emit radiation or contain traces of harmful chemicals. On a social level it might be that you are surrounded by people who are negative, over-judgmental or cynical, or are a bad influence to your lifestyle. Whatever the case, the thing is that you still have the power to select and change your environment. You just have to be more conscious of it and don’t allow yourself to be dragged into environments that are unhealthy or unhelpful. Physical environments can be changed, tweaked, improved, brightened, made more spacious, etc. Social environments can be equally changed or improved. For example, disengaging with individuals that are not aligned with your beliefs and lifestyle. You can seek out more people who can inspire you and motivate you or just be more selective in your social agenda in general.

The Power to Learn and be Inspired:

You always have the power to learn new stuff, new skills and abilities that open up your possibilities in numerous ways. So learning is a powerful tool to get ‘unstuck’, move forward and expand your opportunities. Yet there is another important aspect to it that is very often overlooked. It promotes health, vitality and realises your potential more fully. Why? Well apart from neural regeneration,  that is,  generating and building new neural pathways in the brain,  learning brings excitement and inspiration – two very important ingredients to happiness and self-fulfilment. When you are learning new things, you are opening your heart and mind to a wider area of possibilities. Your perspective changes too and you get inspired to see things in a fresh new way while appreciating the deeper connection between things and yourself. From another angle, learning is a way to break free from old patterns that might be holding you down, limiting you or making you feel stagnant.

Access to the Power of Love:

No matter how bitter, betrayed or jaded you might sometimes feel about certain life experiences, there is always one big miracle healer you have access to – Love. Not just love in the romantic sense – although this is of course a very powerful healer in itself – but unconditional love: the energy and excitement that comes from being open to life and others, accepting them and being in tune with the subtle connection between all things and events in your life.  Love heals and empowers  by both receiving and giving it out. When you are emotionally sustained through a network, family or community of loving support you become radiantly happy, alive and immune to life’s pitfalls. Once again your biochemistry is evidently different when you let go of resentment and make way for love (we can call it the chemistry of love!) . So always remind yourself that you have access to the power of love to uplift you, heal you, push you forward and break free from negative patterns anytime, anywhere.

The Power to Dream & Create:

Many argue that what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is the ability to dream up ideas and create them, or else make those ideas materialise. In many ways I fully subscribe to this point of view. Our creative nature is truly unique and impressive. We always hear about our destructive nature in the media but we seldom celebrate the power of the human genius and creativity. What I would also add is my utter conviction that we ALL have an element of creative genius we can tap into. Perhaps not in a gran work of Art or Science but still our creativity can flow through us to solve everyday problems and  come up with new ideas that keep us excited and in tune with our life purpose and dreams. No little thing!By Gilbert RossGilbert has been writing about personal growth topics for a number of years on his blog SoulHiker and on various other media. He is passionate about researching, writing, practising and teaching people how to achieve positive life transformations and unleash the limitless potential of their mind.

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